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Increase of the material and product

Increase of the material and product

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As we know,the price increase proble is like a pit on the track. Every lap you run,you have to face it once.With labor cost,rising raw material prices and environmental storms,manufacturing price have become "routine",the appreciation of the RMB has pushed this trend to a high point.

So the hard thing to manufacturer is how to discuss the price increase with customers. Many customers always want to buy the good quanlity product with lowest price. Every time you mentioned the increase,they are unable to accept it ,although he knows the increase of raw material and the economy problem.

Firstly, the potential to be clear"price reduction is enterprise behavior,price increase is the industry behavior." If we increase the price is due to the environmental ,we could send the government news to customer. Due to the rise in raw materials and exchange rates,we could suggest customer to check the materials market in website as below.   


Secondly, dont always say "Sorry "to customer,price increase is a normal thing,it is not the problem of factory,it is due to the economy market.

Thirdly,the important thing to note is that we should increase the price in one step,dont be hesitate to do or not.It will be easy to accept by customer.

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